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Central Coast Skin Cancer Clinic / Services

Our Services


These are approximately 15 minutes in duration. Please remove all makeup. Be mindful the doctors will need to review your skin with a Dermatoscope and for a thorough examination, you will be asked to disrobe down to undergarments.


This clinic has three well equipped operating theaters, with a professional team of experienced doctors and nurses who can perform your skin cancer surgery on-site. These theaters are used for biopsy procedures as well as surgical excision of skin cancer.


We have an experienced nursing team that co-ordinates our post-op treatment room with the medical team.

Treatment Room

Patients attend to have wounds checked, dressings changed and sutures removed. Our nursing team educates regarding wound care.


Diagnostic services such as dermoscopy and punch or excision biopsy to diagnose the suspicious skin lesion. All specimens are sent off to Pathology services for examination and analysis.
The majority of skin cancers, once diagnosed, require simple surgical removal or excision which can be performed in our operating theatres by your doctor.
Costs: This Clinic only provides bulk billing services to children and concession card holders. Our charges as well as the Medicare rebate, will be discussed at the time of booking your appointment. There is only a small out of the pocket expense.
We do procedures in Cryotherapy, Total Body Mapping, Digital Mole Photography, Dermoscopy, Mole mapping, Molescope, Skin Excision, Histopathology, Skin review.